About Us


A revolutionary online shopping website and discovery platform for fashionable Men and Women. We sell cutting-edge fashion and offer a wide variety of fashion-related content, making TORYKART.com the hub of a thriving fashion community. Shopping at Torykart is easy, fast and risk-free. We offer our customers a 10-days exchange free of charge. We also cover all related shipping costs within India. Our approved payment-handling service and professional shipping service guarantee swift, smooth and above all secure ordering and shipping procedures.


To establish as a successful company, which is a pioneer in the exclusive dealing of splendid fashion products across the country with a loyal customer following. To remarkably extend the boundaries of the Indian luxury fashion market, evolving Torykart as a big sensation.


Our 100 partner boutiques/sellers on Torykart sell luxury fashion goods including Handbags, Clothing, Shoes and accessories from around 90+ brands via our portal. Many of these brands are not available to the market yet and for every brand which is already their our website would be providing a larger product variety.


Consumer gets an absolute authenticity guarantee with our promise to return two times the price of the product to the consumer, for any lapse in our judgment of a fair deal. Surely, this is not just a written statement on our website, but will be followed religiously to keep intact the company's repute, which is supreme.

With a tie-up with 200 boutiques world over, we bank on a good collection of products with ample variety at real competitive prices. Our straight from the runway collection features products three months before they hit the offline stores in the country and almost at the same time as the stores in Milan or Paris. While our sale will mostly feature 30-40 percent off all throughout the year. Our collection is well updated once in every ten days and will eventually be refreshed adding a new variety on a weekly basis. Torykart members have exclusive access to compelling offers and sale events. Membership is free and visitors are required to sign-up via email id and password or Facebook or Google log-in to sign-up as a member.